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Deadline to apply: noon on Jan. 12, 2018
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- The mechanics/shop culture
- Employee discounts
- Gaining mechanical skills
- Gaining business-related skills
- Employment/work-study
- Other (please elaborate)
Please list any experience you have with bike repair and maintenance, work at other bike shops or small businesses, or any other mechanical experience *

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Are you planning or considering going abroad for the Fall 2018 semester? *

We like bikes and people who like bikes here at Rice Bikes. Describe your interest in bikes/cycling. *

Rice Bikes is one of the three student-run businesses on campus, meaning it is entirely run and operated by students of Rice University. What ideas do you have on how to improve the shop? *

Running and working for a business entirely operated by students presents its own set of unique challenges. What do you think is essential to keeping a student run business functioning? *

Final question: what's your favorite type of cereal? *

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